ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

ADIPEC’s inaugural 2016 Security In Energy Conference brought together for the very first time, cyber and critical infrastructure security experts and oil and gas executives to discuss the real life security threats and challenges facing the oil and gas industry.

As cyber threats and attacks to critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly common, sophisticated and damaging, it is reported that most oil and gas organisations rate their cyber readiness to be low and have had at least one security compromise in recent years. It is now therefore imperative that the industry and government, come together to pre-empt the growing concerns of malicious attacks. According to recent industry reports, the Middle East cyber security market is expected to grow from US$11.38 billion in 2017 to US$22.14 billion by 2022.

ADIPEC’s 2nd annual Security In Energy Conference continues to deliver the latest market intelligence in energy security protocols as the threat landscape of attacks are increasing. The 2017 agenda brings the spotlight on the best innovations, security practices and crisis planning for preparedness within the industry to anticipate supply disruptions and major incidents and delivering continued product to market.